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Our New Patient Consultations, including any x-rays we may take, are always complimentary. There is no pain or discomfort involved. Please do not hesitate to come in and find out how orthodontic treatment could change the life of you or your family member!

New Patient Consultation Day

On the day of your initial visit, please check in at the front desk so that we can welcome you and point out some of our office amenities. Please be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, as we will have some additional paperwork for you to fill out. We do require that a legal guardian be present at the appointment if the patient is under 18 years of age.

Please remember to bring your dental insurance card, if applicable (we are a dental services provider, so do not bill to health insurance). Nothing will be charged or billed to you or your insurance company for your New Patient Consultation, but we want to be able to call your insurance company to find out for you if there are any applicable orthodontic benefits, so we can give you a complete financial estimate before you leave.

First you will be called back for diagnostic records. This is important so that the orthodontist can see exactly what is going on in your mouth, including their roots and any unerupted teeth.

Next you will be called into the exam room, where you will meet your treatment coordinator. Your treatment coordinator has gone to school to be a dental assistant, and knows almost as much about orthodontics as the doctor! You can ask her any initial questions that you may have, and let her know if there are any particular therapies that you are interested in learning more about.

Next Dr. Ames will come in. He will review your photos and xrays, and perform a complete oral exam, while the treatment coordinator takes notes on the computer of all of the details. The orthodontist will then make a treatment recommendation and explain this in detail, answering any questions.

Once all treatment questions have been answered, the doctor will leave the room, and the treatment coordinator will go over financial details associated with the recommended treatment. This will include treatment fees, insurance estimates (if applicable), and payment plans or other financing options. The treatment coordinator will answer any remaining questions that you may have about your treatment or financials.

Once she has answered all of your questions, the treatment coordinator will take you on a tour of our office, ending at the coffee bar, where you can get a beverage for the road.

Some things you should know about orthodontics and your dental insurance

As an orthodontic practice, we are a provider of dental services. Consequently when we bill to insurance, we bill to dental rather than health insurance. We will bill to any private dental insurance company (however, we do not participate with or bill to any of the public programs).

Prior to your initial consultation, we will call your dental insurance company for you to find out any applicable benefits, including their anticipated level of coverage. Please provide us with your dental insurance information prior to your appointment, so that we can prepare this for you in time for your visit. We will let you know what we find out at the initial consultation. We always like to stress to you that the numbers quoted initially by insurance companies are their estimate of benefits, and not a guarantee of payments that they will ultimately make. We have an extremely committed team that works diligently to help you recover the highest possible dental benefit.

Another important thing to know is that insurance billing and payments for orthodontic care work a little differently than with other types of healthcare. Orthodontic care is billed and paid over the course of active treatment, rather than on a per-visit or per-service basis. Payment frequency is determined by each individual insurance plan, and may be monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually, or all at once. Payments may be made directly to our office or to you as the subscriber, depending again on your individual insurance plan’s rules. If you have any additional questions about your individual plan’s benefits, please call your insurance company directly or ask the Human Resources staff at your employer.

Our staff understands that insurance can be intimidating and work hard to make this part of your orthodontic treatment as simple as possible for you!

Forms to fill out before your New Patient Consultation

Please start by filling out our New Patient Medical/Dental History Form, which you can fill out and submit right in our secure online environment.

Online Medical Dental History Form

Please fill out the Patient Motivation Questionnaire form before your appointment to help us understand a little more about how we might be able to help you. Please let us know if there is anything about your teeth or facial appearance that you would like to change, or whether you are having any pain or discomfort. Thank you!

Patient Motivation Form